Flor de Sal


In 2012, aware of the evolution of the market for salt products, the company Salinas de Janubio S.L. The development of a line of high quality products for the gastronomic sector begins.

Flor de Sal. Carefully collected salt
High quality gastronomic product. 200 gram container

Under these premises, the elaboration of “Flor de Sal de Janubio” is a highly demanded product, which is a turning point in our commercial policy.
This type of salt is harvested by collecting the first layer of the brine surface from the “pit” of the salt pans. In addition to a characteristic flavor much appreciated in haute cuisine, it has a higher proportion of iodine.
The Flor de Sal made by Salinas de Janubio is available for sale in packages of 200, 170 and 60 grams.


The salt flower is a form of pure salt, collected according to very traditional techniques, whose origin is marine. It occurs at sunset, by thermal contrast, due to the cooling of the brine that reduces its solubility and promotes the massive precipitation (crystallization) of small salt crystals that, due to the density of the brine, remain on the surface forming a kind of cloth. This phenomenon is especially pronounced in salt flats in semi-desert climates.
The Flor de Sal is collected manually and does not go through any industrial process. It is kept in containers for a year allowing the sun and wind to dry it to give a pure product, without additives or transformation and with very limited production. It is considered the queen of salts for its fine and crunchy texture. They are salt crystals, they can be distinguished by observing them carefully.

Collecting it is complicated because the crystallization process occurs on the surface of the water at dawn. The collection is carried out only on the days that the wind does not blow to prevent the grain of salt from going to the bottom and is done manually with a shovel. It has an unmistakable flavor and a unique property such as salt: for a long time it does not cakes and remains intact.
The salt flower is produced on the surface of the crystallizers of traditional maritime salt pans. This type of salt is collected quickly after crystallization so that the crystal formed is less than 3 millimeters. This glass is dried in the sun and wind and clean is packaged directly without any additional treatment:

– Pure white color.
– Taste less salty than common salt of any kind.
– It doesn’t cake.
– It is soft on the palate and dissolves easily when seasoning different foods.
– Without smell.

“On the steepest and wild coast of the island of Lanzarote, beaten by the strong waves of the southwest, the fine sheets of Flor de Sal de Janubio are obtained, following centuries-old artisanal methods.
The rugged nature of this authentic Salt Garden, at the foot of the Timanfaya volcanoes, gives this product a deep and evocative marine flavor that adds an exquisite Atlantic aroma to the most select cuisine. ”