The Janubio winery is to the Salinas what a winery is to a vineyard. Janubio salt is packaged in the so-called Bodega, at the foot of the Salinas. It is an old building restored in the mid-90s of the last century.
Bodega de Janubio

Front view of the Salt Winery, authentic center neuralgic of the salt flats.

It is accessed from the main road that leads to the town of El Golfo, in a paved detour that goes down to Las Salinas, defined by an iron gate by the sculptor Eduardo Manrique.

The Janubio winery acts as the first point of sale in the salinas where all formats of Janubio Marine salts can be purchased. It is in the winery where the guided visits to the Salinas de Janubio, the largest in the Canary Islands, begin and end.

Escultura de Pedro Tayó

Pedro Tayó sculpture

A nice piece by the Lanzarote artist Pedro Tayó made of corten steel, indicates the presence of the Bodega de la Sal de las Salinas de Janubio.

From this Bodega de Janubio you can see the Mirador Artemia Janubio, where there is a sculpture designed by César Manrique.